Flaxmere College School Uniform Code

Flaxmere College has a strong commitment to enhancing student pride. Wearing of correct school uniform is compulsory and tidy presentation is seen as essential to foster that pride.

Students who are going on school trips or representing the school are expected to wear a school tie so it is recommended that each student purchase this item. In some cases, a school blazer will be provided for students to wear for a specific occasion.


  • Plain dress white shirt (short or long sleeve)
  • Plain dress black shirt (short or long sleeve)
  • Plain black dress shorts
  • Plain black dress trousers (no jeans, denim or tights)
  • College tie (Must be worn when on out of school trips)
  • Plain black Ie Faitaga (school logo can be added - please contact school office for details)
  • Plain black skirt (knee length)
  • Plain black woollen Jersey with school crest
  • Plain black or white socks (ankle or knee length)
  • Plain black Pantyhose
  • Plain black Jacket (no hooded sweatshirts)
  • Plain black shoes (laces and soles must be black. Shoes must be under the ankle—no boots).
  • Accessories, all plain black (Scarf, Caps, Beanie)

Only correct College Jackets, plain black or approved KidsCan jackets are to be worn to, from and at school;

Girls skirt length must be no shorter than to the top of their knee cap;

A plain black cap may be worn throughout the year. A name can be placed on the back of the cap only. This must be in white only;

Uniform must be well maintained. Holes, rips and tears must be attended to immediately.
August, 2023